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German Data Centre and Cloud

Published: July 2012. 35 pages. 12 Figures


This new market update is invaluable reading for anyone wishing to acquire a rapid but succinct understanding of the current data centre and cloud market in Germany. Reviewing important developments the update highlights all the latest key factors, market drivers, and competitor moves. It includes current thinking about the evolving Cloud debate in Germany, and provides revised market forecasts by segment and space through to 2016.

Report Synopsis

This report updates market developments in Germany since the publication of BroadGroup's German Data Centre Market report in October 2011. It discusses city markets, factors for growth along with inhibitors and drivers for using third party data centres, including Internet traffic and cloud services. BroadGroup also provides its latest five year forecast for German third party data centre facilities to 2016.

It reports on how Frankfurt’s position as the lead data centre city has been sustained, and the plan to position it as the primary digital hub in mainland Europe. The dynamic nature of the market in Frankfurt over the past year, has led BroadGroup to revise its gross m2 forecast for the country, which it now predicts will grow by 33% from its base today by 2016.

The update reviews market developments, and a detailed assessment of competitive moves by data centre players in the Frankfurt market. It also reports on key data centre developments in other city markets in Germany.

Cloud computing provides another area of focus in the update, given that is seen by the Federal Government as an important factor for economic growth in Germany , and the update assesses in particular Software-as-a-Service which currently occupies around half of the cloud computing market.

The concept of a cloud 'made in Germany' is currently the topic of vigorous debate. Data protection, auditing and compliance issues are at the root of this type of thinking. However a desire to retain data centres within the German geography, and derive the perceived economic benefits of a national cloud system is part of the evolving strategy. Data privacy and protection legislation is stricter in Germany than elsewhere in Europe, and the government has embarked on a scheme to develop a ‘Trusted Cloud’ with research projects running across the next three years.

The update reviews market drivers that are fuelling a resilient third party data sector, despite wider economic concerns in Europe. Increasing demands of compliance legislation drives changing behaviour in financial organisations and is sustaining their expanding reliance on third party facilities.

Power consumption by data centres, the EEG tax, and growth in the use of renewable energy are all covered , and the update also identifies potential areas of growth opportunity.

BroadGroup provides forecasts across four segments over the next 4 years: Carrier neutral co-location, Carrier owned, Wholesale and Managed services.

Table of Figures

Executive summary

Section 1 Data centre market developments
1.1 Frankfurt - Tier 1 city
1.2 Recent developments in Frankfurt
1.3 Frankfurt as a digital hub for Europe
1.4 Data centres outside Frankfurt

Section 2 Data traffic growth in Germany

Section 3 Cloud computing
3.1 Iaas
3.2 PaaS
3.3 SaaS
3.4 Key vendor announcements
3.5 Cloud services and national borders
3.6 Cloud security

Section 4 Market trends and factors
4.1 Drivers
4.2 Inhibitors
4.3 Power
4.4 Areas of opportunity

Section 5 Market forecasts

Figure 1 Distribution of co-location sites in German by number of cities (not size)
Figure 2 DE-CIX annual traffic statistics 2008 - 2012
Figure 3 Conde Nast Digital Germany - hybrid architecture
Figure 4 Comparison of BroadGroup's five year forecasts for the German data centre market
Figure 5 German gross m2 data centre space by market segment

Table 1 Key market developments in Frankfurt in 2012
Table 2 Founding members of Digital Hub e.V, 2012
Table 3 Regular members of Digital Hub e.V, 2012
Table 4 Key data centre developments outside Frankfurt
Table 5 Examples of IaaS offerings in German data centres
Table 6 Trusted Cloud Projects
Table 7 Third party data centre market segments forecast 2011 - 2016


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