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Data Centres Nordic IV and Baltic

Published: November 2018. 62 pages. 35 Tables and Charts

The Nordic data centre market is now heading towards the USD7 billion mark in total investments made from a mix of M&A activity, hyperscale build out and expansion by third party players.

Research for the report, Data Centres Nordic & Baltic IV, by BroadGroup, also suggests that land availability covering thousands of hectacres, an estimated 4775 MW of available renewable power in total across the 5 Nordic markets, new data centre investment and the new eco systems they attract, could potentially see the emergence of a global content hub.

Furthermore, the mooted development of the Northwestern Passage cable across the Arctic could represent a gamechanger for the region when digital traffic between Europe and Asia is expected to triple over the next three to five years.

In highlighting these developments, the report has assessed both international and domestic fibre development, data centre operations by third party players, international data centre activity in the region and forecast both capacity m2 and power MW to the end of 2019.

An analysis is provided of investment in the region and details third party expansion by player.

The region is becoming significant and in the purview of China’s “one belt one road” strategy.

Now, with sustained investment, vast renewable power availability and strong connectivity to Europe, Asia and the US, the region is beginning to emerge as a potential major strategic geography for global content.

The report covers the five Nordic markets of Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden as well as the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Now in its fourth edition it is widely regarded as a standard text for investors in the sector.

Report Methodology

Executive Summary – Data Centre Nordics IV

Section 1: Connectivity










Section 2: Energy










Section 3: Data Centre Operators










Section 4: International Data Centre Operators


Section 5: Global Hyperscale Activity in the Nordic Region


Section 6: Data Centre Investment

6.1 Third party data centre investment

6.2 M&A Activity

6.3 Hyperscale investment

6.4 Investment and development

6.4.1 Denmark

6.4.2 Finland

6.4.3 Iceland

6.4.4 Norway

6.4.5 Sweden

6.4.6 Estonia

6.4.7 Latvia

6.4.8 Lithuania

Section 7: Key Conclusions

Figure 1. m2 share by country (%) forecast end 2019 (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 2. Data centre facilities by country forecast end 2019 (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 3. Power: MW availability by country (%) forecast end 2019 (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 4. Data centre business model segmentation forecast end 2019. (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 5: Business model segmentation shift 2016-2019 (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 6.  Subsea Cable Connectivity Denmark (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 7.  Domestic Fibre Connectivity Denmark (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 8.  Subsea Cable Connectivity Finland (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 9.  Domestic Fibre Connectivity Finland (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 10.  Subsea Cable Connectivity Iceland (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 11.  Domestic Fibre Connectivity Iceland (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 12.  Subsea Cable Connectivity Norway (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 13.  Domestic Fibre Connectivity Norway (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 14.  Subsea Cable Connectivity Sweden (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 15.  Domestic Fibre Connectivity Sweden (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 16.  Subsea Cable Connectivity Estonia (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 17.  Domestic Fibre Connectivity Estonia (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 18.  Subsea Cable Connectivity Latvia (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 19.  Domestic Fibre Connectivity Latvia (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 20.  Subsea Cable Connectivity Lithuania (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 21.  Domestic Fibre Connectivity Lithuania (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 22.  GlobalConnect Data Centres (Source: GlobalConnect)

Figure 23: nianet Data Centres (Source: nianet)

Figure 24. Bahnhof Data Centres (Source: Bahnhof *Elementica is yet to be built)

Figure 25. IP Only Data Centres (Source: IP Only)

Figure 26.  Equinix Data Centre facilities Helsinki at Q3-2018 (Source: Equinix)

Figure 27.  Equinix Data Centre facilities Stockholm at Q3-2018 (Source: Equinix)

Figure 28.  Interxion Data Centre facilities Stockholm at Q3-2018 (Source: Interxion)

Figure 29.  Telia Data Centre facilities Nordics and Baltics at Q3-2018 (Source: Telia)

Figure 30. Third Party Data Centre Investment Nordic and Baltic (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 31. Hyperscale Investment Nordic and Baltic (Source: BroadGroup)

Figure 32. Data Centre development sites Finland (Source: BroadGroup) 

Figure 33. Data Centre development sites Iceland (Source: BroadGroup) 

Figure 34. Data Centre development sites Norway (Source: BroadGroup) 

Figure 35. Data Centre development sites Sweden (Source: BroadGroup) 


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