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Data Centres Nordic & Baltic V

Published: December 2019. 78 pages. 35 Tables and Charts

The fifth edition of the Nordic and Baltics data center report, provides extended coverage of infrastructure in 8 countries, data center activity, power, connectivity and forecasts to the end of 2020.

The fast-growing market for datacentres in the region are adapting to changes in demand, serve new customer segments and sustain investment through expansion of existing facilities as well as new developments.

New demand from international enterprises requiring HPC, bitcoin and blockchain using intensive computing applications, have sought facilities across the region to take advantage of reduced power costs and renewable energy resources.

At the same time the installed base of datacentres in the region is expanding. The report suggests that spend on colocation expansion over the next year alone will reach around Euros 800m. However Hyperscale investment – already substantial over the past few years - across 2020 is forecast conservatively to reach more than Euros 1 billion.

Benefiting from new cable systems, sustained expansion in colocation, new investment by hyperscales and market entry of new international user segments bringing new demand, will enable the region to compete effectively and drive growth across the next 12-14 months.

Methodology – Datacentre Nordics 5
Executive Summary – Data Centre Nordics 5
Summary of key changes since Data Centre Nordics Version 4 report
Section 1 - Energy Costs and Taxes in the Nordic Region

1.1 Denmark
1.2 Finland
1.3 Iceland
1.4 Norway
1.5 Sweden
1.6 Estonia
1.7 Latvia
1.8 Lithuania

Section 2 - International and Domestic Fibre Connectivity in the Nordic Region
2.1 Denmark
2.2 Finland
2.3 Iceland
2.4 Norway
2.5 Sweden
2.6 Estonia
2.7 Latvia
2.8 Lithuania

Section 3 - Power in the Nordic Region
3.1 Denmark
3.2 Finland
3.3 Iceland
3.4 Norway
3.5 Sweden
3.6 Estonia
3.7 Latvia
3.8 Lithuania

Section 4 – Hyperscale Datacentre investments in the Nordic Region
4.1 Denmark
4.2 Finland
4.3 Iceland
4.4 Norway
4.5 Sweden
4.6 Estonia
4.7 Latvia
4.8 Lithuania

Section 5 – Colocation Datacentre developments in the Nordic Region
Datacentre Player Profiles
5.1 Iceland
5.2 Sweden
5.3 Finland
5.4 Norway
5.5 Multi Country Players

Section 6 – Key Datacentre Trends by Market
6.1 Denmark
6.2 Finland
6.3 Iceland
6.4 Norway
6.5 Sweden
6.6 Estonia
6.7 Latvia
6.8 Lithuania

Section 7 – Nordic Region Datacentre Forecasts 2019-2020
7.1 Colocation Datacentre m2 Forecast for the Nordic region – 2019-2020
7.2 Colocation Datacentre MW Power Forecast for the Nordic region – 2019-2020

Section 8 - Conclusions – Datacentre Nordics 5 report
8.1 Key Conclusions
8.2 Future outlook for the Nordic datacentre market

Fig 1 Third Party Datacentre Facilities and Providers Nordics/Baltics end 2019 – Source BroadGroup

Fig 1a 3rd party Market share by m2 % per country end 2019 – Source: BroadGroup

Fig 2 Hyperscale and Datacentre development planned 2019-2021 - Source: BroadGroup

Fig 3 Colocation development planned by end 2020 Source: BroadGroup

Fig 4 Hyperscale development in Nordic region Source: BroadGroup 

Fig 5 Corporate Tax Rates (%) in the Nordic region Source: KPMG World Tax Guide

Fig 6 Forecast average utility costs in Euro per kW Hour - as of the 2nd half of 2018 Source: Eurostat

Fig 7 Comparative Analysis of Estimated Power Cost and Tax per MW for datacentres in Nordic region Source:   BroadGroup/Industry sources

Fig 8 International Cable Connectivity Denmark Source: BroadGroup

Fig 9 Domestic Fibre deployment Denmark Source: BroadGroup

Fig 10 International Cable Connectivity Finland Source: BroadGroup

Fig 11 Domestic Fibre deployment Finland Source: BroadGroup

Fig 12 International Cable Connectivity Iceland Source: BroadGroup

Fig 13 Domestic Fibre deployment Iceland Source: BroadGroup

Fig 14 International Cable Connectivity Norway Source: BroadGroup

Fig 15 Domestic Fibre deployment Norway Source: BroadGroup

Fig 16 International Cable Connectivity Sweden Source: BroadGroup

Fig 17 Domestic Fibre deployment Sweden Source: BroadGroup

Fig 18 International Cable Connectivity Estonia Source: BroadGroup

Fig 19 International Cable Connectivity Latvia Source: BroadGroup

Fig 20 International Cable Connectivity Lithuania Source: BroadGroup

Fig 21 Domestic Fibre deployment Lithuania Source: BroadGroup

Fig 22 Hyperscale Datacentre investments in Denmark as of the end of 2019 Source: BroadGroup

Fig 23 Hyperscale Datacentre investments in Finland as of the end of 2019 Source: BroadGroup

Fig 24 Hyperscale Datacentre investments in Norway as of the end of 2019 Source: BroadGroup

Fig 25 Current datacentre investment projects available in Norway Source: Invest in Norway

Fig 26 Hyperscale Datacentre investments in Sweden as of the end of 2019 Source: BroadGroup

Fig 27 the segments for inward investment by the investment agencies in the Nordic region Source: BroadGroup

Fig 28 Datacentre investments in Iceland as of the end of 2019 Source: BroadGroup

Fig 29 Equinix datacentre facilities in Finland – Source: Equinix

Fig 30 Interxion datacentre facilities in Sweden Source: Interxion  

Fig 31 Nordic Markets m2 forecast 2018-2020 Source – BroadGroup

Fig 32 Nordic Markets m2 colocation market % growth 2018-2020 Source – BroadGroup

Fig 33 5 Nordic Markets m2 colocation market % growth 2018-2020 Source – BroadGroup

Fig 34 Nordic Markets MW forecast 2018-2020 Source – BroadGroup

Fig 35 Nordic Markets MW colocation market % growth 2018-2020 Source – BroadGroup

Fig 36 5 Nordic Markets m2 colocation market % growth 2018-2020 Source – BroadGroup


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