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Data Centres France

Published: February 2017. 42 pages. 26 Figures

Growth of the data centre sector in France is forecast as moderate over the next three years, according to new research by BroadGroup, with cities outside Paris the focus of new growth plans.

In the new report, Data Centres France, forecasts are made for an increase in m2 capacity of around 20% over the next three years, with a higher demand expected for available power over the period.

Research for the report suggests that power remains a concern particularly in the Paris area. With a a reliance on nuclear power which has declined in generating capacity over the past two years, as well a potential diversion of power for an Olympic bid in an already restricted market, an increased need for imported energy will occur in the short term. However planned developments for renewable energy may if achieved meet the shortfall but by 2023.

France remains the third largest data centre market in Europe and despite power concerns in Paris, there are new levels of activity and growth occurring in other lower cost cities such as Marseille, Strasbourg and Lyon in particular. In the medium term there is a more positive outlook for the potential availability of renewable resources.”

Undoubtedly holding strengths in fibre and international connectivity, Marseille emerges as a new nexus for the distribution of content, as well as access to markets in Africa and the middle east with a lead being taken by Interxion in developing additional capacity in the city.

In analysing strengths and weaknesses in the market, the report suggests that France lacks a competitive strategy for attracting outside investment, and asks whether hyperscales, yet to decide on market entry, would ally with local operators or embark on their own development.

The report assesses data centre players, power, connectivity, drivers, pricing, and provides an outlook and forecasts for m2 and MW through to end 2019.

1.Executive Summary

2.International and Domestic Fibre Connectivity in France
2.1 International Fibre Connectivity
2.2 National Fibre Connectivity
2.3 Dark Fibre services

3.Power Sources and Power Providers in France
3.1 Current power supply in France
3.2 Renewable energy supply in France
3.3 Industrial Power Pricing in France
3.4 Future Industrial Energy outlook in France

4.Demand for Data Centre Services
4.1 User growth in Data Centre Services in France
4.2 Market growth drivers

5.Data Centre developments in France
5.1 Key developments
5.2 Wholesale Data Centre capacity
5.3 Data Centre space developments outside the Central Paris area

6. Data Centre Pricing Analysis
6.1 Key trends

7. Data Centre Provider Player Profiles
7.1 International Data Centre players present in France
7.2 Local Third Party Data Centres
7.3 Telco Data Centres
7.4 Government Data Centres
7.5 Webscales
7.6 Major Enterprise Data Centres in France

8.  SWOT Analysis Data Centre Market in France
8.1 Strengths
8.2 Weaknesses
8.3 Opportunities
8.4 Threats

9. Data Centre Market outlook 2016-2019
9.1 Data Centre raised floor space forecast in m2 from 2016 to the end of 2019
9.2 Data Centre MW from 2016 to the end of 2019

Figure 1 New Data Centre investments planned in France – Source: BroadGroup

Figure 1A m2 Data Centre distribution in France – Source: BroadGroup

Figure 2 Webscales in France - Source: BroadGroup

Figure 3 Main international cables landing in France - Source: BroadGroup

Figure 4 Cables landing in Marseille - Source: BroadGroup

Figure 5 National and regional fibre providers - Source BroadGroup

Figure 6 Main dark fibre providers in Paris - Source: BroadGroup

Figure 7 National dark fibre service providers in France - Source: BroadGroup

Figure 8 Industrial power products in France - Source: BroadGroup

Figure 9 Energy resources (end 2015) in France - Source:

Figure 10 Renewable energy share (end 2015) in France - Source:

Figure 11 Industrial electricity pricing per kW Hour [in Euro] from mid-2014 to mid-2016 Source: Eurostat

Figure 12 Cloud service providers - Source: BroadGroup

Figure 13 Leading CDNs in France - Source: BroadGroup 

Figure 14 New Data Centre build in the Paris area – Source: BroadGroup

Figure 15 Average rack space price (in Euro) per month in Europe – Source: BroadGroup

Figure 16 Rack space price segmentation (in Euro) per month Paris – Source: BroadGroup

Figure 17 Equinix facilities Paris area (m2) – Source: BroadGroup

Figure 18 Equinix facilities Paris area (MW) – Source: BroadGroup

Figure 19 Interxion facilities Paris area (m2) – Source: BroadGroup

Figure 20 Interxion facilities France (MW) – Source: BroadGroup

Figure 21 Telehouse facilities France (m2) – Source: BroadGroup

Figure 22 SWOT analysis data centre market in France – Source: BroadGroup

Figure 23 Relative size of European IP Exchanges - Source: BroadGroup

Figure 24 Forecast m2 France 2016-2019 – Source: BroadGroup

Figure 25 Forecast MW France 2016-2019 – Source: BroadGroup


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