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Data Centers Nordic III

Published: September 2017. 67 pages. 49 Tables and Charts

Datacenter Nordics III is the third annual report from BroadGroup and covers 8 countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia who collectively own 260 third party data center facilities.

With its abundance of renewable energy, and in most cases a competitive energy tax, and land availability the region is set to be targeted for further hyperscale development by US players and with Asian firms the Nordics can potentially harness new infrastructure investments.

The report assesses available power for third party facilities and hyperscales and projects that third party m2 space will increase by more than 26% by the end of 2018. It also examines the investment made in the region and provides an overview of the brownfield and greenfield opportunities currently available.

A combination of M&A activity, market entry by new investors, promotional initiatives by Sweden, Norway and Denmark in particular to attract hyperscale investment and the emergence of eco-systems will significantly change the landscape over the next 12-18 months.

The report contains forecasts for m2 and MW through to the end of 2018 for third party data centers.

Methodology – Data Center Nordics III & Baltic States

Executive Summary – Data Center Nordics III


1.1 Summary

Section 1 Nordic Landscape

1.1 Fiber and Broadband

1.2 Institutions and Governance efficiency

1.3 Energy

1.4 Corporate Taxation

Section 2: Investment

2.1 Current Third Partner Data Center Investment

2.2 Data Center Developments 

2.3 Data Center M&A

2.4 Hyperscale investment

2.5 New Sites and Investment Potential

Section 3: Country Market Profiles

3.1 Denmark

3.2 Finland

3.3 Iceland

3.4 Norway

3.5 Sweden

3.6 Estonia

3.7 Latvia

3.8 Lithuania

Section 4: Key Data Center operators in the Nordic Region and the Baltic states

4.1 Denmark

4.1.1 GlobalConnect (Denmark)

4.1.2 Nianet (Denmark)

4.2 Finland

4.2.1 Ficolo (Finland)

4.2.2 Herman IT (Finland)

4.2.3 Hetzner Online (Finland)

4.3 Iceland

4.3.1 Advania (Iceland)

4.3.2 Verne Global (Iceland)

4.4 Norway

4.4.1 Arctic Circle Data Center (Norway)

4.4.2 Basefarm (Norway)

4.4.3 Bulk Infrastructure (Norway)

4.4.4 Green Mountain (Norway)

4.4.5 Lefdal Mine Datacenter – LMD (Norway)

4.5 Sweden

4.5.1 Acon Data Center (Sweden)

4.5.2 Bahnhof (Sweden) Bahnhof Elementica

4.5.3 EcoDataCenter (Sweden)

4.5.4 Fortlax (Sweden)

4.5.5 Hydro66 (Sweden)

4.5.6 InfoQB Data Center (Sweden)

4.5.7 IP Only (Sweden)

4.5.8 Rockan Data Center (Sweden)

4.6 Estonia

4.6.1 Infonet Data Center (Estonia)

4.7 Latvia

4.7.1 DEAC Data Center (Latvia)

4.7.2 LATTELECOM (Latvia)

4.8 Lithuania

4.8.1 Data Logistics Center (Lithuania)

4.8.2 Kruonis Technology Park (Lithuania)

Section 5: Multiple Market Data Center Players in the Nordics Region and the Baltic States

5.1 Blix (Denmark, Norway & Sweden)

5.2 Colt Telecom (Denmark & Stockholm)

5.3 DigiPlex (Sweden & Norway)

5.4 Elisa (Finland and Estonia)

5.5 Equinix (Finland & Sweden)

5.6 Interxion (Denmark & Sweden)

5.7 Linxtelecom (Estonia & other markets)

5.8 Tieto (Finland, Sweden & Norway)

5.9 Telia (Estonia, Finland, Lithuania and Sweden)

Section 6: Hyperscale presence in the region

6.1 Denmark

6.1.1 Apple – Denmark (Viborg, Foulom)

6.1.2 Apple – Denmark (Aabenoas, Southern Jutland)

6.1.3 Facebook – Denmark (Odense)

6.1.4 Google (Denmark)

6.2 Finland

6.2.1 Google – Finland (Hamina)

6.2.2 Yandex (Finland)

6.2.3 Microsoft (Finland)

6.3 Sweden

6.3.1 AWS – Sweden (Stockholm)

6.3.2 Facebook – Sweden (Lulea)

6.3.3 Other Google developments – Sweden

6.4 Estonia

6.5 Lithuania

7.Conclusions and Forecast to the end of 2018

7.1 Key Conclusions

7.2 Forecast – Third Party Data Center Raised Floor Space

7.2.1 Forecast rationale

7.3 Forecast – Third Party Data Center Power

7.3.1 Forecast Rationale

7.4 Top Ten Players by m2

7.5 Growth in available power (MW) by country for third party players 2016-2018

Figure 1: Data Centre providers by Nordic Country – (by m2 %) as of the end of 2018 Source: BroadGroup

Figure 2: Data Centre providers and facilities growth by Nordic Country as of the end of 2017 Source: BroadGroup

Figure 3: Data Centre power (MW) growth by Nordic Country as of the end of 2017. Source: BroadGroup

Figure 4: Nordic data center business models as of the end of 2017. Source: BroadGroup

Figure 5 – FTTH coverage FTTH coverage (by subscriber numbers) as a percentage. Source: FTTH Council Europe 

Figure 6 – A table showing the ranking and score for institutions 2016-17. Source: World Economic Forum CGI 

Figure 7 – A table showing the ranking of the Nordic Region & Baltic State economies in the annual World Bank Ease of doing business survey. Source: The World Bank (Sample size: 190 economies in total) 

Figure 8 - Forecast industrial electricity costs - in Euro per kW Hour by country. Source Eurostat

Figure 9 - Percentage of renewable energy generated by country. Source: Eurostat

Figure 10 - Energy tax payable for a 5 MW Data Center facility in USD in MW per Hour. Source: BroadGroup

Figure 11 - Corporate tax rates by Country as of 2007 and 2017 (as a percentage). Source: KPMG

Figure 12 – Nordic Third-party data center investment and expansion. Source: BroadGroup

Figure 13 Estimated Data Center M&A in Nordic markets – Source: BroadGroup

Figure 14 Estimated Investment by Hyperscales in Nordic markets – Source: BroadGroup

Figure 15 - Potential Data Center Development Sites Finland – Source: Invest in Finland/BroadGroup

Figure 16 - Potential Data Center Development Sites Iceland – Source: Invest in Iceland/BroadGroup

Figure 17 - Potential Data Center Development Sites Norway – Source: Local sources/BroadGroup

Figure 18 - Potential Data Center Development Sites Norway – Source: Local sources/BroadGroup

Figure 19 - Summary of potential development sites and power availability in Nordic/Baltic – Source: BroadGroup

Figure 20 – Sub-sea connectivity Denmark. Source: BroadGroup

Figure 21 – National Fiber Providers Denmark. Source: BroadGroup

Figure 22 – Sub-sea connectivity Finland. Source: BroadGroup

Figure 23 – National Fiber Providers Finland. Source: BroadGroup

Figure 24 – Renewable Energy Percentage Finland

Figure 25 – Sub-sea connectivity Finland. Source: BroadGroup

Figure 26 – National Fiber Providers Iceland. Source: BroadGroup

Figure 27 – Sub-sea connectivity Norway. Source: BroadGroup

Figure 28 – National Fiber Providers Norway. Source: BroadGroup

Figure 29 – Sub-sea connectivity Finland. Source: BroadGroup

Figure 30 – National Fiber Providers Sweden. Source: BroadGroup

Figure 31 – Renewable energy Sweden. Source: Swedenergy

Figure 32 – Sub-sea connectivity Estonia. Source: BroadGroup

Figure 33 - National Fiber Providers Estonia. Source: BroadGroup

Figure 34 – Sub-sea connectivity Latvia. Source: BroadGroup

Figure 35 - National Fiber Providers Latvia. Source: BroadGroup

Figure 36 – Sub-sea connectivity Lithuania Source: BroadGroup

Figure 37 - National Fiber Providers Lithuania. Source: BroadGroup

Figure 38 - GlobalConnect Data Center facilities Denmark: Source: GlobalConnect

Figure 39 – nianet Data Center facilities Denmark: Source: nianet

Figure 40 – Bahnhof facilities Sweden. Source: Bahnhof

Figure 41 – IP Only Data Center Facilities Sweden. Source: IP Only

Figure 42 – Equinix Facilities Finland. Source: Equinix

Figure 43 – Equinix Facilities Sweden. Source: Equinix

Figure 44 – Interxion Facilities (current and planned) Sweden. Source: Equinix

Figure 45 – Telia Facilities. Source: Telia

Figure 46 - Forecast for third party Data Center raised floor space (m2) – Source: BroadGroup

Figure 47 - Forecast for third party Data Center power availability (MW) – Source: BroadGroup

Figure 48 – Top ten third party Data Center by m2 space – Source: BroadGroup

Figure 49 – Growth in available power (MW) by third party data centers – Source: BroadGroup


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