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Data Center Luxembourg

Published: June 2016. 44 pages. 13 Tables & Charts

The report analyses activity and growth in third party space and power in Luxembourg and surveys data center providers who collectively hold slightly more than 2% of the EU-18 market.

Nevertheless, the landlocked country has successfully positioned itself as a high specification stronghold – with several Tier IV facilities – for data intensive enterprises demanding high levels of security and reliability.

Research for the report, Data Centers Luxembourg, suggests that the Grand Duchy, centrally located in Europe, has sought to position itself with financial services firms, healthcare and several new verticals who demand a high data security play and with the availability of seven Tier IV data centers is able to provide a unique offering.

Luxembourg’s status as a European trading and digital hub is based on its unique and favourable business climate with low tax rates – the second lowest across Europe.

Key players are profiled with forecasts on space and power - Luxembourg being one of the most power intensive in terms of its facilities - with particularly high levels available, some of which are entirely based on renewable energy.

Successful in past years in attracting middle eastern and Russian customers, it needs now to secure new international customers, given the low level of domestic demand. The report suggests it is entering a new period of competition, where it will vie with Ireland, Nordic countries and Switzerland for new business customers.

BroadGroup foresees Luxembourg positioned to benefit from the emergence of FinTech, providers of new payment methodologies and other verticals in the next few years.

The new report is one of a series covering different markets in Europe.

List of Tables and Charts

Data Center Luxembourg - Executive Summary


Part 1: The importance of Luxembourg as a European Data Hub
Luxembourg as a European trading and Data Centre digital hub
Luxembourg business climate (including data laws and protection, data sovereignty, tax and business incentives)
Data Center cost base (including construction and planning)
Connectivity, latency, Fiber and Dark Fiber availability, Cloud and IP connectivity
Luxembourg power availability and costs

Part 2: Luxembourg Key Data Center Provider profiles
Luxembourg Data Center Profiles
(Each profile includes the facilities (and number of facilities), Space (in m2), Power (in MW), Key services, Managed Service capabilities, Connectivity, Ecosystem (including cloud and IP, Fiber providers) for each of the 15 Data Center providers, 10 of which own their own facilities).

Part 3: Forecasts and Outlook for Luxembourg as a European Data Hub
Forecasts for Luxembourg Data Center space and power – from 2016 to 2018

Part 4: Key trends for Luxembourg Data Center development

Part 5: Conclusions - Luxembourg as a European Data Hub

Figure 1: Top Ten Networked Readiness Countries (World Economic Forum) 2015

Figure 2: Ranking of corporate tax and profit rates before tax in Europe in 2015

Figure 3: Proportion of EU enterprises using cloud services by Country

Figure 4: IP latency from Luxembourg to other European cities in Milliseconds

Figure 5: Luxembourg Data Center direct connectivity to the LU-CIX IP Exchange

Figure 6: Luxembourg Data Center facilities with a design certification provided by UpTime Institute

Figure 7: Taxonomy of Luxembourg electricity energy sources – as of 2014 (%)

Figure 8: Average European industrial electricity costs per kW Hour (in Euro, excluding VAT or taxes)

Figure 9: Wholly owned Data Center providers in Luxembourg

Figure 10: Forecast increase in Luxembourg Data Center raised floor space from the end of 2016 to 2018 in m2

Figure 11: Forecast increase in Luxembourg DCCP from 2016 to 2018 in MW

Figure 12: Comparative Analysis Luxembourg and Ireland

Figure 13: Comparative Analysis Luxembourg and Ireland – additional factors


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