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London, 18 October 2006 - Deployment of wireless hotspots in Europe has jumped by 28 percent between May 2005 and September 2006, according to the latest research by BroadGroup Tariff Services ( The majority of hotspots are located in the UK, Germany and France with the UK retaining the lead with 39% of all hotspots located in Europe. 61 percent of all hotspots deployed in Europe are controlled by telcos and mobile operators. The new survey, Wi-Fi Europe, covers 139 service providers in 28 countries, and includes more than 350 products. The report findings suggest that although prices have remained stable in what is increasingly a mature market, a number of new time bands have been introduced. 24-hour pricing remains the most widely used time band (21%) across Europe and is offered by half of all providers. Another key development identified in the BroadGroup survey is that although the public Wi-Fi market in Europe is still predominately prepaid, the incidence of one-month subscription based prices is on the increase, and now represents just under 20 percent of market offerings. Purchase of Wi-Fi services via SMS has also increased with blocks of 5 minutes being the smallest unit. Price differences within a time band can vary significantly for example for the 15-minute product the difference is 8 fold, and 8.5 for the 1-hour product. 'We have seen more innovation occurring in Wi-Fi product marketing,' commented Margrit Sessions, managing director at BroadGroup Tariff Services. 'Operators are using bundling more effectively, and have extended the validity period from 1-time log-in to multiple log-ins over different periods ranging from 24 hours up to 1 year.' Conducted each year, the BroadGroup Wi-Fi survey tracks all price schemes offered by service providers in the countries covered and presents tariffs in a common format accompanied by an analytical report.


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