Datacentre and Cloud CEE

Published: December 2013
  • Single User Licence: £1,895.00
  • Corporate Licences – Band C  (for 1-4 users) : £1,995.00
  • Corporate Licences – Band B (for 5 to 20 users): £2,295.00
  • Corporate Licences – Band A (for 21 to 500 users): £2,595.00
  • Multi Site Licences (global usage for multinational companies): £2,795.00


This is the first edition of BroadGroup’s Data Centres Central & Eastern Europe report and includes detailed analysis of four CEE markets - Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania.

Given the relative immaturity of the data centre market in this region and the hegemony of players, the report’s primary comparisons are of the relative merits of the market on a country basis.

It is clear from BroadGroup's research that the CEE data centre market is experiencing important changes and there is potential for significant growth in the region - especially as the use of outsourcing and cloud services grows. As Marion Howard-Healy, Senior Consultant BroadGroup and the report's author, comments: “The data centre market in Central and Eastern Europe has clearly reached a turning point in terms of market development and business opportunity. The recent moves by leading players, TelecityGroup and Deutsche Telekom, heralds change in terms of market dynamics both in data centres and networking. “

Third party data centre markets in the four countries have some way to catch up with data centre markets in Western Europe. Even in more developed ICT markets such as Poland and the Czech Republic, there is some way to go in creating a dynamic carrier neutral co-location market. There are pockets of supplier excellence and some impressive new Tier III builds. These developments and the growth of cloud services in the region - together with the concomitant need for data protection in secure (local) facilities - augurs well for future growth. However, business user mindsets need to change on a wider basis for markets to truly take off but leading suppliers are working hard to educate potential customers on the business benefits of using third party data centre facilities.

This report addresses key questions for the future of third party data centre markets in Central and Eastern Europe and at an individual country level are:

- What is the level of market maturity - both supply and demand?
- What is the level and speed of change in the market?
- Who are the key players - and who is well positioned to take advantage of change?
- How does change in 2013 affect build and capacity requirements for the next 5 years?

The report compares economic and regulatory data, discusses vertical market sectors, business users, outsourcing trends, demand drivers and identifies third party data centre locations. BroadGroup assesses key factors impacting market development including location, power, telecoms, virtualisation and cloud computing. As part of a review of vertical market sectors, the report includes country listings of those organisations included in Deloitte’s top 500 CEE companies - this highlights the potential corporate customer base. BroadGroup provides country market profiles and analysis of the key determinants of winners and losers in the third party data centre markets in these four countries. Given the level of market immaturity and the number of complex variable factors at work in each market, the rate at which the third party data centre sector in each country will grow is not yet self-evident. For that reason, BroadGroup includes two sets of m2 capacity forecasts per country to 2017 - a lower growth scenario and a higher growth scenario.

BroadGroup's Central & Eastern Europe Data Centres & Cloud Report 2013 is essential reading for anyone involved, or planning to engage, in the CEE data centre sector from operators to telcos to vendors, investors, government agencies and professional services providers.