Colocation Markets Quarterly

Current edition: Q4 2016 (4 editions per year)


New, timely data covering the four Tier 1 cities in Europe - Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London/M25, and Paris

Colocation Market Quarterly (“CMQ”) will provide metrics covering key performance indicators including supply, demand, pricing, market share for key players, key changes over the quarter and other commentary.

BroadGroup has secured the cooperation of more than 25 leading industry players to contribute to the detailed survey, supported by its own comprehensive database and on-going consulting work conducted in the market. Using aggregated data input from senior executives from the key players in the market, the results will offer high value and data integrity for operators and investors in Europe and internationally.

The quarterly features the latest information about colocation in the four Tier 1 cities in Europe - Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London/M25, and Paris:

Data centre supply (current and planned MW or m2)
Available capacity in the cities
Data centre demand – kW sold (current and planned)
Vertical sector trends and the top sectors which are driving demand
Pricing expectations for the year ahead
Buying behaviour – and channels to market and user criteria
Commentary on the reasons for losing and winning deals
Forecasts with the ability to track future growth and trends
The service will also provide access to the consultants who are conducting the survey each quarter

First edition: July 8, 2014