Market Research

Experience and intuition play a part in making decisions, and the level of decision may sometimes not justify a large spend on research. But where decisions involve significant financial resources, the risk and the costs of failure are high.
B2B markets are complex and increasingly fragmented, and to achieve a balanced insight to launching a new product, understanding customer requirements or measuring demand, robust market research provides analysis and interpretation to guide decisions that need to be made. This counts especially in international market where BroadGroup’s specialist B2B research capabilities in the IT/Telecoms sector brings a much needed level of expertise.


Market studies reveal that the future success of companies will depend on their ability to capture, analyze and gain insights from their audiences. More granular B2B research can provide even greater understanding of the business decisions they are likely to take and predictive models by user type, geography, and a wide range of other segmentations.

Services include:

  • Market and customer surveys
  • Competitor intelligence and analysis

Research Project Experience

BroadGroup has conducted B2B market research in the Information Technology and telecommunications sector for many years. Using a mix of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, we aim to deliver defensible, vigorous outcomes that inform business strategy and decisions.

Market Segments

  • Customers
  • Vendor
  • DC/Cloud Provider
  • Telcos
  • Investment/Govt

Research Areas

  • Pricing research
  • Market size and growth projections
  • Impact data
  • New market entry
  • Strategic consulting
  • Benchmarking
  • Marketing support