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Grids of data centers: the era of multi-local strategy

Data has become a strategic asset for companies ; societies completely transformed the way they manage and use them. They change their patterns of data consumption, they have to deal with a greater complexity in data management and they now need the appropriate infrastructure for handling big data and processing real time analytics.

Thus, organisations need to ensure for them and their clients a very fast and secure access to the required data, which means to find a way to reduce data latency. Therefore, more and more companies start to embrace edge data centers. Nevertheless, edge data centers are not anymore about being close to the back bones. It is more and more about getting closer to the end-user populations to reduce latency, lower bandwidth consumption and optimise user experience.

It is in this regard that we have seen the emergence of smaller data centers in secondary cities. Aggregating all the company data in one single location is not working anymore. So companies adjust their data center strategies exploiting the hub and spoke concept: they have one, big, main data center and several smaller data centers throughout the world. The localization of the smaller data centers depends on where is the best place to do the processing at the lower cost and create the best data management performance? They tend to bring closer the data that is stored and the consumers of this data.

That is the reason why data center grids are growing at an incredible pace: data center providers now offer capacity in colocation data centers on secondary markets all over the world. The biggest challenge for them is to provide the same level of services and the same quality in each of their data centers. So no matter if their customers rent space in several data centers in the world, they just need one process for data center management. This is what Etix Everywhere is achieving.


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